About Siri Amrit Khalsa

Ever since I can remember I have felt wonder and deep trust in the process of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I grew up in a spiritual community where pregnancy and birth were considered a natural yet sacred experience in a woman’s life. My mother and other women around me gave birth naturally, at home, and were cared for during the 40 days after birth by a woman from the community. This is where my deep rooted belief that everything we need is already inside of us was born and it is my wish to support women and their families on their journey to rediscover this natural wisdom.

An unusual ordinary day!

Two years ago, today. My little girl, the youngest of my three children, is two years old today. As the day progresses my thoughts wander and I remember the events of that day that led up to her sweet birth in my attic surrounded by my husband, sons and dear midwives/friends. I knew I would [...]

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