As a doula, I believe in “mothering the mother” and supporting the partner. I strive to enable a woman and her partner to have the most satisfying and empowering experience possible during pregnancy, birth and as new parents.

I support you in your preparation for childbirth and parenting with information to help you define your birth wishes. I provide emotional support and practical comfort measures. During birth I may rely on techniques ranging from breathing and relaxation, to positioning tips to support you.

A doula’s role is to nurture you and to protect your wishes.

My role is defined by your wishes.

Standard package:

1 introductory meeting: I offer a first introductory meeting free of charge in order to get to know each other, see if we click and to exchange information about what I offer and what you are looking for. Based on this meeting we decide whether to work together.

3 prenatal meetings: Each meeting lasts one and a half to two hours. In this time we get to know each other in order to establish a relationship of trust. We address any questions, fears, ideas or needs you have regarding your pregnancy and birth, preparing you and your partner for birth on a physical and emotional level. I offer the possibility of working on a “birth plan”, a wish list for your birth. At the end of the session there is space for body working ranging from massage, rebozo, pelvic opening and acupressure to relaxation and breathing.

Continuous presence throughout the birth: From 38 weeks of pregnancy until the birth of your baby I am on call for you 24 hours a day. During this time I am available by telephone or email for questions or concerns. When the birth starts and you feel the need to have me present I will come and stay until after your baby is born. During the birth I provide emotional support and physical comfort measures ranging from massage and acupressure, effective use of sound, positioning tips and breathing. I bring a range of tools such as homeopathy, acupressure and rebozo which can be used to support you through the birth. I also offer practical support such as with water births, answering doors, making sure you and your partner stay hydrated and eat throughout the birth as well as reminding you of your wishes and options and explaining procedures and possibilities.

1 post partum meetings: After the birth I come visit you once. During this time we discuss your birth experience. Any questions or concerns with your new born baby are addressed. If needed I can offer advice and support in this early period with your baby.

Discount for extra sessions: Extra sessions during early pregnancy, in the last weeks before the birth or after the birth for a discounted rate.

The standard package can be expanded to suit your personal needs.

It is possible to make use of prenatal, birth or post natal services separately.


Standard package: 750 euro
Loose sessions if you are not a client: 35 euro per hour
Extra sessions with discount for clients: 25 euro per hour
All prices are including 21% BTW