Pregnancy Yoga & Dance

Pregnancy Yoga & Dance

This unique class gives you the well-known benefits of yoga exercises for pregnancy combined with simple world dance moves and instinctive movement in order to tone, enjoy, relax and fully prepare your body for a comfortable pregnancy and an easier birth.

This weekly class offers you a space to slow down from daily life and to connect with yourself and your baby while consciously experiencing the changes in your body and preparing for giving birth.

By discovering your body and it’s capacity to carry and birth your baby, your confidence in your bodies intrinsic ability to give birth will grow.

You will also learn about how to support the birth process by using the tools of movement, dance, breath and sound. The weekly experience with these tools will provide you with a much needed time of rest and connecting to yourself, your baby and your birth instincts.

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your third, whether you are 10 weeks or 36 weeks pregnant you are welcome to join and will find support for the stage you are in!

What will this class offer you:

  • Develop Strength and Flexibility
  • Relieve Common Pregnancy Complaints
  • Release Tension, Fear and Anxiety
  • Trust Your Ability to Birth
  • Increase Body Awareness
  • Connect with Your Baby

What to expect:

  • Gentle Warm-Up Exercises
  • Yoga Postures and dance to Stretch, Tone, and Enjoy
  • Attention to Breath
  • Use of sound and Deep Relaxation
  • A cup of tea and a treat at the end

Practical information:

Wednesday’s from 18.30 – 20.00


MA78 – Marnixstraat 78 in Amsterdam.


  • Join the next course starting on Wednesday the 10th of May for 6 weeks


108 euros for 6 week course.

For more information contact me or sign up using the “sign up” button above

Siri’s classes are really fun to do together with your baby…..

Rosalie mama van Charlotte,
Siri’s classes are really fun to do together with your baby….

Rosalie mama van Charlotte,
The Mama & Baby Yoga class with Siri is something to look forward to….

Yvonne Verstappen mama van Mex en Sem,
It was really great to have Siri there to feel supported by the soft power. And it worked!….

Nelleke,
pregnancy dance and yoga