Have a peaceful, warm, supported and joyful pregnancy, birth and start with your new baby with Birth and Post-Partum Doula Siri Amrit Khalsa

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You are pregnant and expecting a baby! It’s the beginning of a new life changing adventure. Along with your initial reaction of joy, excitement or surprise to the news of your pregnancy you may be having a whole series of feelings ranging from amazement to overwhelm. All reactions and emotions are valid and often come mixed in an explosive cocktail of hormones. So many new situations in your body, your relationship, your work and life are arising. And of course comes the preparations for birth, with many choices presenting themselves, many feelings and new sensations, it can be a lot to take in. The birth is coming up with all that it entails and then starts the phase of having a new born baby!

With a doula by your side you will feel supported by a professional and experienced yet warm and caring presence. I support you in the process of making the best possible choices helping you gain the information you need to make an informed decision. Your trust in your body’s ability to give birth on your own terms will grow. You will have someone by your side as you face your fears and worries. With a doula by your side you are assured of a continuous supportive presence whether you have a home or hospital, a natural or medicalized birth.

Once your baby arrives you have the support of the ‘kraamzorg’ for the first 8 days. But what happens after that first week or when your partner goes back to work and you are recovering and alone with your baby? As a post-partum doula I will be there to make those first weeks alone with baby into a truly peaceful, warm and cared for experience. The new mothers priority can be caring for the baby and resting to regain strength as I cook warm healthy meals for you, fill up your fridge with shopping, take care of a clean house, massage your feet and if it’s your second (or more) baby support with the needs of the other children.

You are welcome to browse the website to gain a fuller picture of what I can do for you and I would be most happy to hear from you for a free intake to see how I can help make your pregnancy, birth and start to motherhood into a truly amazing experience!

Siri’s classes are really fun to do together with your baby…..

Rosalie mama van Charlotte,

Siri’s classes are really fun to do together with your baby….

Rosalie mama van Charlotte,

The Mama & Baby Yoga class with Siri is something to look forward to….

Yvonne Verstappen mama van Mex en Sem,

It was really great to have Siri there to feel supported by the soft power. And it worked!….

Nelleke,

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