What happens after you’ve given birth?

You’ve just given birth! And your kraamzorg – who hopefully was an angel – just left, your partner went back to work and you are now alone with your fresh new baby. Often we hear about the ‘pink cloud’, the amazement of our perfect new born baby, the waves of overwhelming love.

Yes! All these feelings are there. But the reality is also that you just gave birth and have gone through a life altering experience. On a physical level this is very intense as your body has performed an extremely demanding job. The post birth recovery will be as varied as the birth itself might be but one thing is sure the body needs time to recover. The emotional experience of giving birth and having a new baby is also something which is hard to grasp before we are in it and we may need time in processing it. And like all new situations, time and support will bring balance.

The advantages of a post-partum doula –

In many cultures, women are encouraged to take a 30 to 40 day rest period after birth where the main focus of the new mother is caring for her child and recovering on a physical level as well as gaining a new balance as a mother while others care for the new mother, feed her, massage her and take over the household chores. It has been shown that women who do receive this kind of support are more likely to feel physically stronger as well as emotionally more balanced in the months and even years following the birth of a child. The chances of a post-partum depression are highly diminished by taking this period of rest.

As lucky as we are to live in a country where we are entitled to 8 days kraamzorg, you can receive more elaborate and much needed support in the weeks following the departure of your kraamzorg by having a post-partum doula by your side.

What does a post-partum doula do?

General support

As a post-partum doula, I strive to make a new mother feel as comfortable, cared for and supported as possible. It can be a great comfort to have someone experienced to discuss the night with, the rhythm of your new baby and all the aspects of care and development of your baby as well as your own recovery. This can help ease worry as well as give you more confidence in yourself as a mother.

I cook warm and nourishing (vegetarian) meals especially made for speeding up the recovery of a new mama and family. I will make sure your fridge is well stocked.

I care for your house and environment so you can rest, recover and care for your baby. Taking care of wash and household chores enable the new mother to give her full energy to the baby and her recovering body.

At all times, I prioritize the well-being of new mother by bringing nourishing snacks, tea/drinks and offer a foot or neck and shoulder massage to the new mama to optimize recovery.

At all times, your needs and wishes will determine where the priority will be and how to fill in the support I give you.

Special New-Mama Care

For those looking specifically for support in the postpartum recovery process, the body work sessions in this package are especially suited to your needs! During these sessions, lasting between 2 to 2 and a half hours, I pamper the new mother with full body massages, bengkung belly-binding, belly wrapping, rebozo massage, yoni steam etc. to support the physical and emotional recovery, balance and well-being of the new mother. This is truly a gift each new mother deserves to receive. Offer it to yourself or to a new mama in your surroundings!

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