My name is Siri Amrit Khalsa. Since 2009 I have been following my heart and working as a doula. In my doula work I support women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth and for a period of 40 days after birth. The only time I am often less involved is during the first 8 days when the kraamzorg takes care of the family. To bridge this gap and be able to support families in an even more holistic way, I have decided to complete the kraamzorg training. During my training year I can support families under supervision of my trainer.

I am so happy that my heart friend, wonderful midwife and kraamzorg Jolien Bolhuis has accepted to be my mentor throughout this process.

Jolien en I met in 2006 at a pregnancy course while we were both pregnant with our first child.

Ever since our friendship has gotten deeper on many levels. We started a mother group and have gone on vacation with our kids together. Jolien was at the birth of my second and third child. And for the third, she was not only my midwife but also my kraamzorg. I felt supported in the most loving, warm way by her! And that is something I wish for each mama and her family!

And now we are colleagues, first as doula and midwife and now as student and mentor. I am looking forward to this new adventure together as I become an independent kraamzorg.

My support is warm, loving, suited to your individual wishes and needs and full of practical modern know-how and ancient wisdom.

Would you like to have me support you as your kraamzorg? Send me a message at

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