Kraamzorg and doula support

If you are looking for one person to be there to support you through pregnancy, birth, in your kraam period and beyond you are in the right place.

After working as a doula since 2009 supporting my clients through pregnancy and birth and for extended post-partum support after the kraamzorg is gone, I decided it was time to bridge the gap. After completing my certification in the spring of 2021 I am fully certified and covered by your insurance to offer you holistic kraamzorg.

I like to reserve the kraamzorg services for those looking to have doula support and kraamzorg with me. For you it might be support during pregnancy and birth in combination with kraamzorg. Or it might be kraamzorg in combination with postpartum doula services. Or maybe you are looking for a complete package from pregnancy, through birth, kraamzorg and extended postpartum care from me. Whatever your individual wishes or needs are I am happy to discuss the options with you.

As a kraamzorg I care for the the well being of the new family on a health and physical level by observing the baby and making sure everything is at it should be. By supporting the parents in learning to care for your newborn baby and making sure (breast)feeding is going going well. I make sure mother is recovering well. But most of all, I offer practical and emotional support to enable this special and unique time of healing from birth, bonding with your new baby and landing into the new family constellation to happen in the most peaceful, warm and balanced way possible. By holistic care I mean caring for the well being of the whole family unit from different angles. I see nourishment as key factors to a healthy recovery and a strong base for the new mother to build from. A healthy mother is best able to take care of her baby and herself. Inspired by ayurvedic principles, I cook nourishing, warming and delicious meals and snacks to feed and care for the mother, her recovery and her milk production. I use massage and belly binding techniques to help the mother land in in her postpartum body and find rest and recovery. I offer a non-judgmental ear with my experience to help you navigate the choices and challenges of becoming new parents so you will (re)discover your own way of parenting.

If you wish to receive my kraamzorg please take a look at my doula packages to see the options. Feel free to message me to schedule a free call to discuss your personal wishes and needs.

Please noet that Kraamzorg is covered by your insurance with a own participation of 4.60 per hour (as of 2021). If you have an extra insurance package the own participation (eigen bijdrage) might be covered. Please check with your insurance to find out what your personal situation is.

Doula services are covered by the client. In some cases insurances with extra packages will cover a part of the services. But mostly it is for your own costs.

For information on my doula packages and services see HERE.

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