What is a Doula?

A doula is someone who offers emotional, physical and informational support to a woman and her partner during pregnancy and birth. She aims to support the woman and her partner in having the most satisfying birth experience possible.

The needs of each pregnant woman are different, your doula will support you in whatever ways you need. She will be with you as a constant presence in the background or actively massaging you, helping you breathe, find the best position as is necessary. She will be with you whether you give birth at home, in the hospital and whether you have a natural birth, medical interventions or a cesarean.

A doula will assist you through the decision making process by providing balanced information so the couple can make their own choices. Your doula can not speak for you but she will make sure you have a voice and are heard. A doula’s role is to strengthen the relationship between the parents by supporting the partner as well.

How do I support you?

I know pregnancy and birth, both personally and professionally. I am experienced and trained, sensitive and compassionate, and full of trust in your ability to carry, birth and mother your child in your own unique way.

My doula support can start at any time during the pregnancy. The start is determined by your wishes and needs. I can support you with your birth preparation, finding the information you need, coming into your own trust and facing your worries or your fears. I accompany you at the stage you are at. I can offer you preparation for birth, emotional support and physical comfort using techniques such as breathing, positions and movement, massage, acupressure, rebozo, cupping and more.

I am on call for you from 37 weeks pregnancy until you give birth. I will stay with you until your baby is born, regardless of where or how. I will visit you at least once after the birth or can offer you a more extensive postpartum care if you wish.

My role is defined by your wishes.

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Siri’s classes are really fun to do together with your baby…..

Rosalie mama van Charlotte,

Siri’s classes are really fun to do together with your baby….

Rosalie mama van Charlotte,

The Mama & Baby Yoga class with Siri is something to look forward to….

Yvonne Verstappen mama van Mex en Sem,

It was really great to have Siri there to feel supported by the soft power. And it worked!….

Nelleke,
Research has shown that having a doula during birth results in:

reduction in the cesarean rate:


shorter labour:


reduction in epidural requests:


reduction in oxytocin use:


reduction in analgesia use:


reduction in forceps delivery:

Marshall and Phyllis Klaus and John Kennell – United States, 1993.