Doula Packages


1 introductory meeting:

I offer a first introductory meeting free of charge in order to get to know each other, see if we click and to exchange information about what I offer and what you are looking for. Based on this meeting we decide whether to work together.

5 prenatal meetings:

Each meeting lasts one and a half to two hours. In this time we get to know each other in order to establish a relationship of trust. We address any questions, fears, ideas or needs you have regarding your pregnancy and birth, preparing you and your partner for birth on a physical and emotional level. I offer the possibility of working on a “birth plan”, a wish list for your birth. At the end of the session there is space for body work such as breath work, positions, movement, massage, rebozo, pelvic opening and acupressure and more.

Also included is the possibility to have one of the prenatals with my back up.

Continuous presence throughout the birth:

From 37 weeks of pregnancy until the birth of your baby I am on call for you 24 hours a day. During this time I am available by telephone or email for questions or concerns. When the birth starts and you feel the need to have me present I will come and stay until after your baby is born. During the birth I provide emotional support and physical comfort measures ranging from massage and acupressure, effective use of sound, positioning tips and breathing. I bring a range of tools such as homeopathy, acupressure and rebozo which can be used to support you through the birth. I also offer practical support such as with water births, answering doors, making sure you and your partner stay hydrated and eat throughout the birth as well as reminding you of your wishes and options and explaining procedures and possibilities.

2 post partum meetings:

After the birth we have two sessions. During this time we can look back at your birth experiences. Any questions or concerns with your new born baby are addressed. I can give you a gentle massage, cook you a meal or support you in any way you need.



But instead of 5 prenatals we will take time to meet 8-10 times during pregnancy. Meetings can be scheduled in a way that feels comfortable and supportive to you. One option is to increase the frequency of the meetings as the pregnancy progresses and in the last weeks we can do a weekly session for relaxation and to prepare you for birth on a physical and emotional level. These sessions may include massage, rebozo, acupressure.

After birth I offer 3 postnatal sessions to support you and pamper you. Mothers often tell me these postnatal care moments make them feel like a queen – as you lie in bed with your new born, I bring you healthy and nourishing food and drinks, clean your house, care for other children if needed and leave you with a massage. This is how it should be for each and every mother so she can recover from birth and gather herself on a physical and emotional level.

If, by chance, you give birth earlier than expected and don’t get to enjoy all the prenatals included – no worries! You will get those sessions as postnatal support!


This package is for you if you are 36+ weeks pregnant and looking for doula support.

–       This package includes 2 prenatals.

– The full availability and support from 37 weeks until the birth of your baby.

–       1 postnatal visit.


  • A new mama care package of 16 hours. This is divided in 4blocks of 4 hours each during which I come to your home and pamper you with massage, self care, emotional support, special nourishing snacks and warm meals and more! Start your first weeks as a mama with a little extra boost!

  • A new mama care package of 32 hours. This is divided in 8 blocks of 4 hours each during which I come to your home and pamper you with massage, self care, emotional support, special nourishing snacks and warm meals and more! Start your mama journey in confidence! Extra recommended if it’s your 2nd (3d, 4th etc.) baby!

  • A new mama care package of 60 hours! Being fully taken care of during your first 6 weeks postpartum! From week 2 to week 6 three weekly visits of 4 hours each. Start your mama journey in an blissful way being well cared for way as each mother deserves! Extra extra recommended for large family’s as well as for first time mothers!

A package especially for caring for the new mama’s physical and emotional recovery and well-being! This package includes 4 sessions of 2/2.5 hours each during which we pamper you with full body massage, rebozo massage, belly binding/wrapping, yoni steam etc. according to your needs and wishes! To be used during the first 6 weeks postpartum.


This package includes more of the same but with 6 sessions! To be used for the first 6 weeks postpartum.


This package includes 8 sessions of full mama recovery and well-being care! Highly recommended for full recovery and pampering. To be uses in the first 2 months postpartum.

Practical information

Package Prices:

Pregnancy and Birth Support Packages:

Holistic Birth Doula Support:      1195 euro

Complete Birth Doula Support: 1550 euro

Last Minute Birth Doula Support:     950 euro

Postnatal Support Packages:

New Mama Start-up:  800 euro

New Mama Relax: 1440 euro

New Mama Bliss: 2400 euro

New Mama Care 1: 500 euro

New Mama Care 2: 750 euro

New Mama Care 3: 1000 euro

Hourly rate for loose pre and postnatal sessions: 50 € per hour

All prices are including 21 % BTW

Enjoy the continuity of my support from your pregnancy through to new motherhood! By combining a Birth Doula and a New Mama package you will receive 5% discount upon booking the whole support together! Contact me for more information!

I can support you in English, Nederlands, Francais, Espanol fluently!


Randstad Area:

Greater Amsterdam

From Den Haag/Leiden to Utrecht Area

De Ronde Venen to Hoofdorp

If you are not sure feel free to contact me!


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Siri’s classes are really fun to do together with your baby…..

Rosalie mama van Charlotte,

Siri’s classes are really fun to do together with your baby….

Rosalie mama van Charlotte,

The Mama & Baby Yoga class with Siri is something to look forward to….

Yvonne Verstappen mama van Mex en Sem,

It was really great to have Siri there to feel supported by the soft power. And it worked!….

Nelleke,