Read testimonials from participants in the Empowering Birth Training here:

‘Siri’s course has changed my vision of pregnancy yoga/birth preparation. She gives knowledge, experience, personal work, integrity. She explains the essence of women, what she wants to feel in birth, how to help her communicate with herself. These are tools for life for all women, not only pregnancy. She lets you relive the importance of dance, lets you feel the power of your nature, connect to your body through voice. Moreover, she creates union between the participants of the training that is instinctive and wild, all conflicts are eliminated from your emotions and mind.

After having completed this training I am stronger, more powerful, more open, more me, more woman.

Thank you Siri for your creativity and love of women.’


Alina - Doula and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

‘This weekend was an experience of rebirth. It came at a time in my life when I needed to let go, open, leave behind, cleanse, cry and start over from a new perspective. Start a new phase, singing and dancing, in my and my family’s life.

I recognize my body, my limits and my fears to work on with more security.

An experience for me, for my own life. To continue singing and dancing and laughing, only in this way to transmit this healing energy.

Thank you Siri, wise woman, earth, your work has reached me, it has reached me in a part of me that needed a restart. ‘

Cinthia Flores - Mother and Doula

‘I have enjoyed this training very much. I find it attractive, dynamic, daring, deep, interesting, wild, conscious and self- connected. Wonderful for the empowerment of pregnant woman!

I feel completely grateful and enriched. Inspired and full of new ideas to share with pregnant women, mothers, grandmothers, daughters and with everyone.

Siri as a facilitator I felt you very close, sustaining, available. Your presence has received us in a space of pure love and trust! Woman of light ready for everything!

I feel gratitude and love in all of my pores for having been present in this training!’

Alexandra - Doula and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher